Monday, June 4, 2012

The big ladder

When people call about gutter problems, I am often  asked if I have a big ladder. I tell them I have a 32 ft ladder and that reaches 98 percent of the gutters I work on. (or what I would like to work on)
Fixing a leaky corner up high

I have a 40 ft ladder but I have kinda put that one into retirement. I just don't trust a 30 year old aluminum ladder 4 stories up in the air.  Let alone trust my back trying to set one up.

I have had to rent bucket cranes for a couple of big jobs.
New gutters and downspouts on historic church downtown

So if you have some high gutters I can probably get to them.

UPDATE April 2021   Not so likely now. After a decade or so and a partial knee replacement, from now on I think I will just stick to my 28ft ladder.

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